Scented Slime by Amy

Unique & Original Scented Slime, Squishies & More!

What is your slime made with? – My slime is made with Elmer's School Glue, Borax, lotion, hand soap, food coloring, shaving cream, mineral oil, skin-safe fragrance oil, glitter (certain varieties)

Is your slime edible? – No, it is not.  You must not ever eat slime, it is made with household chemicals that can make you very ill.  I recommend that children under 7 do not come in contact with slime. 

What do I get with my order? – If you order slime you will receive a small gift bag with a note, a small baggie of borax, a piece of candy or a sticker (but sometimes both!) 

Where do you get your ____? 

  • containers - Uline
  • foam beads - eBay
  • fragrance - various online sites
  • labels - I make them myself
  • squishies - usually China



Slime "Rules"

  • Wash hands before touching ~ you don't want dirty slime
  • Do not drop! If slime touches the floor or your clothes, it will most likely get ruined
  • If slime does get on your clothes or carpet it is easily cleaned with hot water
  • If your slime gets hard you can usually fix with a bit of lotion, or running it under hot water for a few minutes
  • If your slime deflates you can usually fix that with a bit of shaving cream
  • If your slime is too sticky or soft you can mix your baggie of borax in a 1/2 cup of warm water and add a few drops of that mixture at a time to your slime, DO NOT add too much of this or you will make your slime too hard
  • Keep your slime in its container when you are not playing with it, if it is left out for too long uncovered it can get hard and dried out


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